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Religious Education 2022-2023

This year for Religious Education, we have a program that helps families learn together. We are excited to have this opportunity to help develop strong Catholic families in which children learn the truths of the Catholic faith from their parents and grow in relationship with Jesus as a family.

Registration for Religious Education for this year is available from July 18, 2022 - September 7, 2022.

Things to Note

Why Parent Classes?

The Church stresses the importance of a parent’s involvement in their children’s religious formation. In fact, the Church tells us: “Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, and they also possess a fundamental competency in this area: they are educators because they are parents.” Therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to introduce their child to the person of Jesus Christ and to help foster an intimacy with Him as they grow and mature. St. Joan of Arc is dedicated to assisting parents in fulfilling this most important of tasks.

What is the Age of Reason?

Age of reason is the name given to that period of human life at which persons are deemed to begin to be morally responsible. This, as a rule, happens at the age of seven, or thereabouts, though the use of reason requisite for moral discernment may come before, or may be delayed until notably after, that time. At St. Joan of Arc, we do not allow children to enroll into sacramental preparation classes until they are at least in second grade even if they seem to be of the age of reason because they are developmentally behind those who are in second grade. Other options can be assessed for those special cases.


Cost For
$80 1 Child
$130 2 Children
$155 3 or more Children