Volunteer at the Preschool

The preschool encourages parishioners to volunteer in a variety of ways, including volunteering in the classrooms & on the playground, changing bulletin boards, helping in our office, reading books to our children, helping with fundraising activities, working on/with the Parent Advisory Committee during our special events, or chairing one of our Committees. We welcome and love your support and help!

If you have a special hobby, interest, or craft that you would like to share, please let us know! If you are a retired handyman, we have some cubbies that need sanding and varnished. If carpentry is your profession, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd has some wooden furniture pieces that need to be made for our Atrium. If you'd like to share your occupational expertise, our children await your visit! We also like to introduce our children to multicultural diversity, and so we'd love to hear stories from those of you who are knowledgeable of the customs of other cultures! For more ways to volunteer for our school, please see the Volunteer Opportunities brochure in our school office, or contact the school at (602) 867-9179 or preschool@stjoanofarc.com.

Please note the following Classroom Volunteer Guidelines:

  • Attend a mandatory Safe Environment/Called to Protect training (see Safe Environment Training at www.diocesephoenix.org for times and locations.) All volunteers wanting to work around our children must attend the initial 3 hour training session. Please remember to register online prior to attending this class, and to sign-in when taking the class. If you have already attended the 3 hour training, you may choose one of the renewal sessions, which can be completed online. Bring in your printed confirmation upon completion for your volunteer file. If you are coming into our classrooms just once to share your expertise with our children, you do not need to complete the above training.
  • Check in at the School Office, sign the Volunteer log, and obtain a volunteer badge. You must also complete a confidentiality form to be placed in your file. Remember to sign out in the School Office, return your badge, and log your time prior to your departure.
  • Wash hands in the adult bathroom prior to entering the classroom.
  • Wash hands and wear food gloves when assisting with snacks or serving food.
  • Follow the teacher's lead in the classroom.
  • Interact with children by sitting at their level, observing their work/play, and becoming a participant only when appropriate. Remember that we are encouraging our children to do their own work, and become independent.
  • Constant supervision on the playground is critical! Safety rules are posted on the outside wall.
  • The Arizona Department of Health Services requires that children must be supervised at all times by an employee. Volunteers may never be left alone with a child.

Thank you for your participation!

A Volunteer's Prayer

I thank Thee, Lord, as a volunteer for the chance to serve another year and to give of myself in some small way to those not blessed as I each day.

My thanks for health and mind and soul to aid me ever toward my goal, for eyes to see the good in all, a hand to extend before I fall, for legs to go where the need is great, learning to love-forgetting to hate, for ears to hear and heart to care, when someone's cross is hard to bear, a smile to show my affection true, with energy aplenty—the task to do.

And all I ask, dear Lord, if I may is to serve You better day by day.