Extra Earnings

Let Your Big Hands Help Our Little Hands!

You Can Help St. Joan of Arc Preschool and it won’t cost you anything, but very little time!

E-Scrip: E-Scrip is an on-line program that allows you to earn money for the school by simply purchasing items you normally purchase anyway. There are no extra cards to carry or numbers to remember. You can even get your out-of-town family to sign up. Just 4 little steps and you’re off and running, or should I say...donating!

Step 1: Go to www.escrip.com
Step 2: Enter our school’s group ID: St. Joan of Arc Preschool ID: 6611091
Step 3: Register your grocery card, your debit/credit cards, & Macy’s card.
Step 4: Shop! A portion of the purchases you make at eScrip merchants will automatically be donated to the school. Must renew each year!

Box Tops for Education: Check your pantry. You’ll probably find boxes of food that have a logo on them that says, “Box Tops for Education.” Simply cut those logos off and turn them in to the school. Yes, it’s that easy! These logos are accumulated and turned in for great supplies for the school! Labels for Education: While you’re in the pantry, check your cans. You may find a logo that says, “Labels for Education.” Again, simply cut the logo off and send it in to the school. We’ll do the rest!

Fry’s Reloadable Gift Cards: If you shop at Fry’s, we have a great way for you to help us! Just stop by the school office, and purchase a pre-loaded $5 Fry’s card. When you use it, a portion of your purchase will automatically be sent to the school. Oh, and yes, they are reloadable. You can just use the same card each time you shop at Fry’s (even for the gift cards) just by adding more money to the card at the register before they ring you up! Each time a portion of your purchases go back to our school!!! Could it get any easier?? Fry’s Food Cool Ca$h Program – Just link your V.I.P. card to our school using

one of the above barcodes (give the extra ones to family and friends) and for every $50,000 in Fry’s purchases, the school receives a $500 rebate check. This runs from September to April. You only have to link the barcode one time and can do so during the month of August. So cut them out now and start linking!