Adoration Team

Head Coordinators

Name Phone Email
Carol Kassick (English) 602-502-2024 Email
Norma Ciani (Español) 602-319-0193 Email

Division Leaders

Time Name Phone Email
12:00am to 5:00am Carol Kassick 602-502-2024 Email
6:00am to 11:00am Norma Ciani 602-319-0193 Email
12:00pm to 5:00pm Carol Kassick 602-502-2024 Email
6:00pm to 11:00pm Norma Ciani 602-319-0193 Email

Hourly Captains

Time Name Phone Email
12:00am Patricia Bowen 602-485-4954 Email
1:00am Carter Smitherman 480-227-5333 Email
2:00am Frank Benites 602-743-1325 Email
3:00am Frank Benites 602-743-1325 Email
4:00am Debbie Hilliard 480-229-1540 Email
5:00am John Bodinet 602-757-4312 Email
6:00am Mary Lagioia 602-448-0143 Email
7:00am Laura Contreras 480-798-1024 Email
8:00am Martha Martinez 602-320-7695 Email
9:00am Rachel McDuffee 602-569-2754 Email
10:00am Mark Osterbauer 602-434-3194 Email
11:00am Maxine Baskerville 602-971-6556 Email
12:00pm Carol Kassick 602-502-2024 Email
1:00pm Carol Kassick 602-502-2024 Email
2:00pm Lawrence Jakows 602-688-9354 Email
3:00pm Cristine Bartoletti 602-434-4034 Email
4:00pm Kelly Maurer 480-272-1347 Email
6:00pm Jill Vice 602-569-9823 Email
7:00pm Gustavo Estrella 520-269-0201 Email
8:00pm Ana Garcia 602-810-7603  
9:00pm Martha Bravo 602-410-5587  
10:00pm Mark Fornefeld 602-509-5206 Email
11:00pm Ludy Mercado 602-971-7725 Email