Lectio Mary: The Bible and the Mother of God

7:00pm (weekly) Faith Formation
Why is Mary so important toCatholics, and why have so manypeople been devoted to her over thecenturies? What can we learn abouther from Sacred Scripture? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this Lectio series onMary. We are having this Lectioseries beginning on Tue, Jan 21 and ending on Tue, Mar 3 at 7:00p in Santa MariaHall. There is no charge for this series.

Featuring the insightful biblical teaching of Dr.Brant Pitre, Lectio Mary: The Bible and theMother of God examines what Scripture, the lifeof Christ, and the early Church fathers revealabout Mary. By closely examining theconnections between the Old and NewTestaments, Dr. Pitre presents clear and easilyunderstood explanations about the life and identity of Mary, the Mother of God.