Pray for an End to Abortion

01-17-2021Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

I pray everyone’s year is off to a good start. Tomorrow, January 18, the parish office will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will have the regularly scheduled morning confessions and Mass. There will NOT be evening confessions and Mass. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the national holiday.

This Friday, January 22, is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion throughout the country. Please join me in praying for an end to abortion throughout our nation and world. There are many things we can say about the gift of human life and the atrocity of ending a human life in its initial stages. Especially now though, with Christmas fresh in our minds, we remember that God came, not as an adult, but in the womb.


Introducing Fr. Vietor

01-10-2021Pastor's LetterFr. Oliver Vietor

Hello everyone at St. Joan of Arc!

It is a pleasure to be here with you in this parish. Thank you for welcoming me and my family. Some background may be helpful.

I was an Episcopal minister and moved here to Phoenix in 2005 in order to serve an Episcopal Church. At that time I was married and had four children and no one in my or my wife's family had ever been Catholic. In early 2007 I resigned from the Episcopal Church and with my family began the process toward becoming Catholic.


Happy New Year!

01-03-2021Pastor's Letter

Fr. Dan Connealy, Fr. Oliver Vietor, Deacon Andy Lambros, Deacon Mark Salvato and the Staff at SJA wish all parishioners a very happy, holy & peaceful New Year 2021.

Fr. Dan Connealy, Fr. Oliver Vietor, Diácono Andy Lambros, Diácona Mark Salvato y el personal de SJA deseo todo feligreses muy feliz, santo y pacífico Año Nuevo 2021.

Feast of the Holy Family

12-27-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

Merry Christmas! I pray everyone had a very good Christmas filled with the joy of the newborn Christ! Thank you so much to all of our staff and volunteers who did such a wonderful job making everything happen. We have been working short handed and though things do not always run smoothly we are certainly doing our best. This Sunday we celebrate Holy Family Sunday. I would like to share an excerpt from a homily of Pope St. Paul VI on his visit to Nazareth in 1964.


4th Sunday of Advent

12-20-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

This Fourth Sunday of Advent finds us in great anticipation of the coming festivities of the Nativity of the Lord! The entrance antiphon for Mass is taken from Isaiah 45 and proclaims, “Drop down dew from above, you heavens, and let the clouds rain down the Just One; let the earth be opened and bring forth a Savior.” The prophecies of Israel come closer to fulfillment during this time as we continue to prepare ourselves for Christmas. In the Gospel for this Sunday it begins, “The angel Gabriel was sent from God…” We know where this story is heading as Gabriel is about to announce to Mary the birth of Jesus.


3rd Sunday of Advent

12-13-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday! We are at the halfway point of Advent, celebrating Gaudete Sunday this weekend. The Church sings in the entrance antiphon, “Gaudete in Domino semper!”, “Rejoice in the Lord always!” We rejoice because the Lord is near. In fact, the opening prayer of the Mass begins thus, “O God, who see how your people faithfully await the feast of the Lord’s Nativity…” We continue to meditate on the theme of “waiting” which distinguishes Christian spirituality in this season. We are waiting for the Lord to come at Christmas, but also at the end of time. We are like the virgins who wait with lighted lamp and flasks of oil. No one can wait for us, each of us must be attentive to the signs of the Lord’s coming.


2nd Sunday of Advent

12-06-2020Pastor's LetterFr. Dan Connealy

Happy Sunday!

Thank you to all who participated in Giving Tuesday by supporting our endowment held by the Catholic Community Foundation. By growing our endowment, we prepare for stability in the future of St. Joan of Arc. If you were not able to participate, you can still donate and your gift will be matched by 50% up to $50,000!