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Parish Mission with Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P.

November 8-13, 2014

Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P. is a Dominican priest of the Western Dominican Province.  He is currently on the Preaching band. He was formerly Prior Provincial for the Province, Prior of St. Albert's Priory, Chapel, and Seminary in Oakland, California, as well as Director of the Shrine of St. Jude in San Francisco and a member of Dominican Preaching. He has served as Pastor and Prior of Holy Rosary Parish in Portland, Oregon.

Educated by the Dominican Order at its seminary in California, Fr. Emmerich went on to receive a MA degree in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, and a graduate degree in Near Eastern Religions from University of California.

For several years he was a teacher: a high school teacher in Oregon and Los Angeles, and a college teacher at Holy Rosary College in Fremont, California. As a graduate student, he taught Hebrew at the Graduate Theological Union.

Saturday, November 1
8:30 am
Deceased Members/Legion of Mary
4:30 pm
† Peter Corrado
Sunday, November 2
8:30 am
† Francesca De Lorenzo
10:30 am
† Tocco Family
12:30 pm
Mass for the People
Monday, November 3
8:30 am
† Michael Wogan & Grandfather Tom
6:00 pm
† Deceased Members of Knights of Columbus
Tuesday, November 4
8:30 am
† Sue Ann Weidner
Wednesday, November 5
8:30 am
† Calvin Long
6:00 pm
Kathleen Foley
Thursday, November 6
8:30 am
† Anne Weleba
Friday, November 7
8:30 am
† Mary Dende
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The fourth step of conversion involves having SPIRITUAL SEEKING.

A person who is SPIRITUALLY SEEKING Our Lord moves from being passive to being one who actively seeks to know God. A typical question for one who is seeking God will ask: "Are you the one to whom I will give myself?" At this stage, the person who is seeking Our Lord is more engaged in the relationship. There is a deeper desire for spiritual things – things that relate to God. The person seeking God also wants to know if he or she is able to commit their lives to Our Lord and to His Church. Seekers seek Christ.

After a person is open to a relationship with Our Lord, they move to a more direct way of living. People who are SPIRITUALLY SEEKING do not sit idle simply waiting for things to happen. They become ACTIVE SPIRITUAL SEEKERS.

Weddell describes spiritual seekers as "dating with a purpose." Sinful things stand out in the life of a person who is SPIRITUALLY SEEKING Our Lord. Seekers are no longer passive participants. Sin matters. Accepting the "status quo" is no longer acceptable. Now the core relationship with Our Lord is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. God has a face and it is the face of Jesus Christ and the person who is SPIRITUALLY SEEKING desires to be in a relationship with Christ. That desire means letting go of things that get in the way of that relationship. That means letting go of sin and a person who is SPIRITUALLY SEEKING Our Lord will find this letting go of sin a welcome event.

Now the relationship with Christ enables one to see that the Church's teaching and her traditions, which were once seen as something to avoid, now as something that offers true freedom. Only that relationship with Our Lord can give us the peace and the freedom we so desire.

To be continued…

Formando Discípulos Intencionales (Parte IV of V)

Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas en Cristo,

El cuarto paso para la conversión es la BUSQUEDA ESPIRITUAL

Una persona que está en la búsqueda espiritual de Nuestro Señor se mueve de ser una persona pasiva a activamente buscar a Dios. Una pregunta típica que se hace alguien que está en la búsqueda espiritual es: "¿Eres tú a quien yo me voy a entregar?" En esta etapa, la persona que está buscando a Nuestro Señor esta más enfocado en la relación. Existe un deseo más profundo por las cosas espirituales—las cosas que se relacionan con Dios. Las personas que están buscando a Dios también quieren saber si pueden comprometer sus vidas a Nuestro Señor y a SU Iglesia. Están en búsqueda de Cristo

Después que una persona está abierta a una relación con Nuestro Señor, su vida se a una manera más directa de vivir. Las personas que están en la búsqueda espiritual no se sientan a esperar que las cosas pasen. Ellos se convierten en personas que buscan activamente la espiritualidad.

Weddell describe a los que están en la búsqueda espiritual como "cortejar a alguien con propósito." Las cosas que son pecados resaltan en la vida de la persona que está en la búsqueda espiritual de Nuestro Señor. Los buscadores dejan de ser participantes pasivos. El pecado toma importancia. El centro de la relación con Nuestro Señor es revelada en la persona de Jesucristo. Dios tiene una cara y es la cara de Jesucristo y la persona en la búsqueda espiritual desea estar en una relación con Cristo. Y este deseo significa hacer a su lado las cosas que nos estorban en el camino de esta relación. Esto significa el dejar a un lado el pecado y la persona en la búsqueda espiritual encontrara que esto es como un evento de liberación.

Ahora, la relación con Cristo permite que la persona vea a la Iglesia y sus enseñanzas y tradiciones, como algo que ofrece una verdadera libertad, envés de algo que antes evitaba. Solamente esta relación con Nuestro Señor nos puede dar la paz y libertad que tanto deseamos.


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